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True Stories of Rena--Tzfat

How you can help Tzfat families
After reading our latest news, if you feel that you would like to share in the mitzvah of helping others, there are several ways in which you can do it. Some people like to use their credit cards on this site to send us a donation. Others prefer to send in a check.

If you want to send a check, please make it out to either the D.E. Fund or the Lamed Vuvnik Fund and send it along with your email and mailing addresses to:

Mr. Louis Berlin
19651 NE 19th PL
Miami, FL 33179

Don't forget to mark on the check or an attached letter that you want the donation to be used for Lev U'Neshama.

Please send an email to to let us know if you have any questions or need any written materials.

We thank you for considering and acting on our request.

Shopping with a Coupon and a Cart
Posted: December 13, 2009

On behalf of Lev U'Neshama Moshe as been delivering up to 145 food parcels per month from his small store. He did his work happily but often with difficulties because families moved, boxes were taken, etc. It was decided tha the time had come to use coupons instead of home deliveries: now many problems were resolved.

With coupon in hand, family members come to his store and select the food items of their choice. If a family moves the envelope is returned to our post office box and a correction can be made to insure that the family wil receive their coupon.

Families have called on our new Lev U'Neshama cell phone, (an old one purchased at a reduced rate from a local merchant). They have told us how pleased they were with the new system.

As with new changes, sometimes there is a 'glitch.' We discovered this when a young mother with 10 children could not afford to take a bus or pay the nominal delivery charge that the store charges for home delivery.

She has walked some distance and then tried to carry everything home. One day we were at the store when she asked if it was possible for her to get a ride home. After delivering her and her grocery sacks to her house, we had an idea: we asked her if she would like a shopping cart. She was elated.

Moshe ordered two carts at a great discount because we discovered another woman with severe back problems who needed one as well. Both carts were delivered to our house and then given to these two women.

Donations to our Discretionary Fund helped purchase the carts. Now these ladies can easily come to the store, select what they need and walk home. Also, the carts can help them to bring home other items from other shopping trips. Small things can help in big ways.


Warm clothing for Israel soldiers
Erev Succot - 2009

We have been providing hospitality sacks to ill or injured soldiers in Tzfat's Regional Hospital. Fortunately during our recent visits we found that there have been hardly any in the hospital and so donations to the fund were sitting and doing nothing.

We live in northern Israel where it is much colder than in the center of the country. After some thought and subsequent investigation we discovered that it was essential to provide our soldiers who are serving in the colder parts of the country with much needed winter clothing. The Israeli Army provides minimal clothing at best which means that families must often provide them for their soldiers.

We found three soldiers who were in need of basic winter clothing. They were provided with warm winter jackets and thermal underwear. They were so excited that the three of them huddled around one of their mobile phones to loudly express their gratitude.

Therefore, if anyone is interested in helping our dear Israeli soldiers keep warm this winter, you can help us provide them with thermal, long sleeve tops and long legged bottoms. For further information you are invited to contact us for mailing instructions or for more information about sending funds to cover our purchases from local merchants.

Warmly submitted by Yaffa

The Three Messengers
Posted: December 13, 2009

Plastic sacks containing used items for Lev U'Neshama's Gemach (gently used clothing store) are often left at our door or brought into the store when it is open. One day, three girls, (obviously sisters), pushed a baby stroller up to the doorway to the store. In the stroller was a huge, black plastic bag.

The girls ranged from approximately three to the oldest who was about eight. They just stood there, looking into the store until Yaffa greeted them: then they shyly responded. Then they continued to stand there looking into the store. So, Yaffa asked them if the sack was for the store and that "pushed the right button."

As if on cue, the eldest girl recited her speech. "Mommy told us to bring this sack to the Gemach. Mommy told me to tell you that all the clothes in the sack are clean, folded and very good."

Yaffa thanked them as she took the heavy sack out of the stroller. The two 'older sisters' picked up their little sister and made her comfy in the stroller. Then they scurried home - mission accomplished.

Our store's helper knew the girls and their family. She told me that she doesn't know how the family managed to give anything away because they are so poor. Yet the mother put so much effort into washing, then folding everything. They were put very carefully into the sack.

These clothes were given in love from a family who receives monthly food assistance. This in turn is given to them in love by Lev U'Neshama through the compassion and generosity of our many donors.

You provide the funds so we can 'pass the love along.'


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