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These are the people who act on your behalf, “zamlers” (Yiddish for “collectors”) who seek out people in need. Jewish symbolClick on the box next to their names, and learn more about them, and hear the stories they have to tell about the people they’ve helped.

.Hope for Heroism

Binyamin Gold--Aitza L'Chaim

Celebrate, and Make the World a Better Place

Clara, the Chicken Lady of Jerusalem

ELI--Israeli Child Abuse Prevention--George J. Berlin Memorial Chapter

Hannah -- New Babies

Is your place of worship a home to Lamed-Vuvniks?


Natan Sredni's Bar Mitzvah


Sara's Amazing pre-Bat Mitzvah tour of Israel

Teaching Your Children About Their Specialness

The Secrets of Raising Successful Children--(continued from the Heebroots website)

Tikkun Olam Tour Guide of Israel

Why are there so many double strollers in the poorer parts of Tzfat?


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