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Your donation on our website immediately generates a greeting card, stating that a "Gift with Love" in honor of the recipient has been given in Israel. Immediately, 100% of your donation goes to work in Israel, providing food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, spending money for the poor, medicine for the ill, flowers for the depressed, and dozens of small grants to the needy throughout Israel—people who slip through the cracks of major charities, or whose needs are sudden and episodic, or who are just too poor, or too busy, to seek help.

Throughout Israel, our network of volunteer “zamlers” seek out people in need, and administer small, quick gifts from people such as you. “Zamler” is the Yiddish word for “collector”, and these people, or teams, collect information on people in need. ReportsThe wall of their activities are published on our website, and you can even direct specific zamlers to take care of specific needs. We select zamlers based on years of experience and reputation, choosing people with strong credentials in philanthropy and “tikkun olam”(repairing the world). Often, they are affiliated with “hesed”(charity) committees in their synagogue and community. We eagerly welcome nominations for additional zamlers.

Your reward? You become an honorary “lamud-vuvnik”—one of the legendary thirty-six righteous people in each generation, who roam the world doing anonymous good deeds. You actually do four good deeds—you help support the economy in Israel by providing money to be spent in shops and on services, you assist a poor person, you honor the person who you present the “Gift of Love” card to, and you enable someone to do a good deed on your behalf.

The cost of maintaining the website is borne by a private 501-c-3 foundation, The Derech Elokim Fund for Jewish Values, and your donation is fully tax-deductible in the U.S. All of your money is spent in Israel, usually within a few days of when you make your donation (of any amount) on our website or when your check is received (click for mailing address). Making a donation enables you to customize and print out a greeting card, gift card, or table seating card from your computer, or to send one by e-mail.

The website also receives support from FBHC, Inc., a for-profit company that promotes the sale of art and other items made in Israel, as well as socially-responsible products made elsewhere. Originals of works of art used for Lamed-Vuvnik greeting cards, other works of art and greeting cards by these and other artists, and products made by independent artisans around the world who are seeking to better their way of life, are available from FBHC, Inc. FBHC, Inc. pays the royalties involved to artists whose art is used by the Lamed-Vuvnik website, so that 100% of the donations go directly to relief efforts.


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